Feuerwehr Wassersystem (FiveM ; Script; Download)


The FWMS (Fire Water Management System) script is designed to create a system to add additional realism to fire department roleplay by allowing players to have a dynamic water tank in their fire apparatus, and the ability to connect their apparatus to fire hydrants to add to their supply.

Main Features

  • A system that allows players to equip an attack line (fire extinguisher) directly from their apparatus (HoseLS functionality planned)
  • Dynamic water levels on each apparatus synced to all players
  • Ability to connect an apparatus to a hydrant to gain additional water to fill up the water tank (tanker functionality planned)
  • A realistic water meter displayed on screen using NUI
  • Utilizes T-Notify for customizable tips & notifications



Github (To Download)

Disclaimer: This is my first major script, so if I miss or don’t notice anything please let me know! I’m also always open to suggestions to make my code more efficient or fix any other oddities you may find! With that being said this script is still a WORK IN PROGRESS and there may be some issues that may need to be straightened out over time.

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